Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nancy Perry's Studio

Here's a whole bunch of pictures in random order from Nancy Perry's weaving studio/home. It was VERY cool and I am so jealous of the set-up she has! She works primarily with silks. She had GORGEOUS material all over the place and I just wanted to steal it all!

This is Nancy on a spinning wheel. Since all of us got so excited over it we get to have a spinning demo on Wednesday - so maybe I'll be spinning my own yarn for my last project ;)

This is a tapestry that Nancy had made, she said she doesn't do it much anymore though. Unlike 'normal' tapestry this has a back weft and then additional weft to make the white shapes - so the back looks like a plain piece of fabric.
This is Nancy's (huge) AVL (?) loom. It's honestly just a really basic weaving computer. I tried to get a video of her weaving but it didn't turn out and won't play on anything - I have no idea why.
Here is one of Nancy's hand dyed silk scarfs. This one was a really nice yellow color called gold rush, the picture really doesn't do it justice!
My mother squealed over this one so I took some pictures for her.

She did the same thing with this one

This is another hand dyed silk scarf is emerald isle green
This is Nancy with a huge stack of her hand dyed/screen printed sewing silk.

It was a great trip and really fun to see all the cool things she does!

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