Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost Finished!

My very first weaving project is off the loom! Super duper woo-hoo! I have lots and lots of pictures and yet none of the project actually off the loom (weird I know, I got too excited). So here they are!
Here's the start, everything's tied up and I've started with plain weave. The weird colored stuff at the bottom is called 'header' and it's just junk that you weave in to even out all the warp threads (up and down bits) and you take it out when you're all done.Up close plain weave or tabbyTabby on the bottom and 1/3 or 1/4 twill on top ( I don't remember which it is)

Twill and (incorrect) basket weave
This is the twill and the mistake basket weave which I had to undo and re-do correctly. This is actually called double plain weave/tabby I think, I actually really like it. It makes me think of fish scales, like koi. I might want to do an experiment with that with some white and orange.

Twill and correct basket weave
twill and correct basket weave
basket weave and 2/2 twill
basket weave and 2/2 twill
basket weave and 2/2 twill
2/2 twill and herringbone
2/2 twill and herringbone. I actually quite like them next to each other like this since they are related. If you want me to get into the down and dirty of HOW they are related just let me know and I'll try to explain it.
This is so exciting! I love the wood color of the loom with the greens.
herringbone and rib
herringbone and rib
This is the last picture I have (I told you it was a lot!). I'll take some more on Wednesday and I might even post some of my mom's sampler (she cut her's off today too!)

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