Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lots of News!!

Okay, I'm going to try to work through all the craziness so that it makes sense. Go-Go gadget number list!

1) weaving is going well. My green sampler is all washed and finished, waiting to be graded so that I can send it to my Grandma (she sent me her first project from her quilting class, so I'm returning the favor)

These are the colors for my NEW sampler, which is in the icky process of getting everything set up correctly. This one will be twice as wide and a little longer than the green sampler.
I'm tying onto the remnants of the last project, but since it's wider there are 60 strings on either side of the original that are longer. It's confusing and it makes my brain hurt.
2) The person who the baby quilt is for had their baby on Monday! Apparently I had a skewed time line in my brain so I am sewing like a fiend trying to get the blanket done soon. I have finished: W for Watch, T for Toothbrush, and U for Umbrella. I am working on X for X-Ray and I still have to do: Y for Yarn, and Z for Zipper. This all equals unparalleled insanity.

And of course on top of the crazy crafting I have all of my school and personal life stuff too - I think I might explode before spring break...

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