Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here are some fabric close-ups of A-E. Almost all the fabrics I used for this have been in the family collection for up to 5 generations. I'm sure they all have stories about why they were bought, for what project and why someone loved them, but I don't know all the stories.
A is made out of a great calico background and a nice dark teal front. Blue and brown is one of my favorite color combos, so I think it looks fab.

B has a background of black and white polka dots and the front is a red print that was in a Christmas fabric pile. I really wanted to have the 'retro' feel of the polka dots and red in the quilt somewhere.
C's background is made from a really nice coffee bean Japanese fabric that I bought to make myself a purse, there was enough left over for a few other things. The top is just a sea foam cotton fabric.
D's background is a nice BRIGHT yellow gingham that was used to make an apron for my Mom ages ago and there's a bunch of it left. I believe it came from Auntie Fefe, she was a big fan of bright colors. The front is made from a fat quarter I bought when I asked my Mom to make me a quilt (mariner's compass).
E is a purple sort of abstract flower print for the background and the front is a very dark purple. If I had to guess where the fabric came from I would definitely guess my Grammie (great grandmother) she loved purple.

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