Monday, November 17, 2008


Here are some close-ups of F-J. I also finished N yesterday. With the long Thanksgiving weekend coming up I'm hoping to get a lot finished, just this week and Monday of classes and then it's the greatest over-eating holiday!

F took Forever! I decided to do a red band around the outside of F and it took a lot longer than expected. I think it looks really good though!
G has a new fabric for the front and some really nice wool (?) weave for the back that was given to me by my Grandmother I believe. It was really nice to sew on.
H has a blue and white polka dot background and a plain purple front. I used the blue polka dots in a purse I made a while ago.
I has a Japanese fabric background and the front is from an old fat quarter that never got used.
J's background is actually brown, but that didn't show up so well and the orange is a little richer than that. The orange fabric is really surprisingly soft!

Now it's time to head off to school and see how I did on my Japanese test X.X

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