Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Pictures for K-N in close-up land. I have also finished O and P (both yesterday! it was a very productive day!) but haven't taken pictures yet, I'll work on that tomorrow after my classes. I'm not feeling very well so hopefully all will be hunky-dory with a good nights sleep. Getting up so early for work one day a week is weird, maybe I've just been up too long...
K's background is a bright red gingham which makes me think of picnics and delicious jam in a nice jar. The K is made out of a sort of canvas material in light green, that at some point in time was meant to be a slip cover for an old sectional couch at my old church, which never happened.
The background for L is a soft but stiff striped fabric, the wide stripes are in green, red, and yellow. The little stripes are a darkish blue. The L is made out of a yellow fat quarter that has a kind of tie-dye unevenness to the color. It looks better in person.
M's background has teal, blue and purple polka dots it's an interesting color combo, but I actually really like it. The M is actually a dark purple, the purple doesn't show up so much in the photo.N's background is a light green calico with little pink tulips on it that I distinctly remember being in the fabric stash since I can remember there being a fabric stash, but I can't remember it being used to make anything (which might be why it's still there). The N is a fat quarter that has a kind of sun-dyed effect, where you dye something the color and anything under a stencil lightens and anything in the sun darkens. The pattern on it are swirly hearts, but there are only a few that are whole.

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