Friday, January 16, 2009

And Another!

But only for the school district, not the university. And since my job this morning was to make pizzas for their lunch I don't have to go to work! So I think my boyfriend and I will go out to breakfast before HE has to go to work :) Seems good to me.

This is what I worked on all of yesterday - it didn't take that long, I just kept setting it down to go do other things. These aren't the greatest pictures because it was really dark so I needed to use the flask, so the colors are a little lighter than in real life - but I think it's quite pretty. I bought the center piece at a bead fair last year (I think) it was just so pretty I couldn't pass it up. It is handmade and awesome - I have however lost the seller's business card so I can get more or send him a picture of the finished piece like he wanted. If this is yours let me know!

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