Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weaving Beginnings!

My weaving class is very interesting so far, but us beginners haven't started weaving anything yet, but will start on the looms in the next few weeks. But I have learned enough to say that we are all working on 8 harness jack floor looms! Some of them can be changed to four harness (like the one below) the looms are of all different makers, some that don't exist anymore. The loom below is holding a kitchen towel pattern in blue and white cotton that our mentor Bonny Kate (or just Bonny) was weaving while our teacher was going through equipment and such with us. The pattern is supposed to be four harness, but she used eight and somehow figured out how to make it work. She is a member of the Anchorage Weaver's Guild. For this piece she started with just the warp on, good progress I think!

This is one of the more advanced students, her name is Sarah and I love her choice of yarn! She chooses things with really fun textures.

I'm excited for this!!

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