Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another one bites the dust

I have finished G for Grapes and started on B for Bee! We'll see how much I can get done today.
I tried free-handing these circles, but they looked stupid (except for the first one I did on the top left) so I gave up an used a dime to put some marks down to follow. Some of them are a little crooked, but I love them just the same!
So I have finished one 9 square and here it is, looking lovely! It's fun to get to move on to the next square.
Here is the little bee I started last night, I'm working on putting some little dots in his wings because empty wings seemed too boring for me. After his wings are done I'll add the little line of where he's been and maybe add a flower as his starting point.
Big picture just to show you how small he is, it seemed weird to me to make him big enough to fill the whole square - bees are big enough in my opinion, even if they are embroidered.

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