Monday, December 29, 2008


I haven't been getting a lot of sewing done. I am getting very tired of J for Jam and Jar - but I have gotten past the part I was having annoyances with and now I get to go onto the fun and weird part, which I will explain when I have pictures since I think it will make more sense. So I don't have any sewing pictures, but I do have puppy pictures!
Here's Mama, we've named her Katya. She looks a lot better, she's gaining weight and her energy is back up. She will be up for adoption after she is spayed. If anyone is interested in adopting her in the Anchorage area (you must be 21 or older) please let me know.
This is the puppy we're calling Tubby, he is a really big guy - he looks like he swallowed a grapefruit. He's real sweet and loves to lick. He actually is starting to respond to Tubby now.
This is Lil' Bit, she's a real sweety and is my favorite ;) She loves to cuddle and always tries to crawl into my lap. She is also very fond of tugging on pant legs.

This is Brown puppy #4 and she was posing for pictures just like a little model!
Brown puppy #3
Brown puppy #2
Brown puppy #1
And Bagel!

We just gave them all baths today, so they're nice and clean (for now)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is looking forward to starting fresh in the new year!

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