Friday, December 5, 2008


I made a good bit of progress on the quilt yesterday! I had some time in between my classes, which was nice. It's very relaxing to sew and I've been pretty stressed out about my finals - the tests that I have are really 'make or break' grade-wise and I have trouble with both subjects. It's so nice to have a project I can pull out wherever I am and do something that I know how to do and only have myself and my standards to answer to.

T has the cute hedgehog background that I talked about before. It's a nice Japanese cotton (?) fabric, it's a little stiffer than most of the fabrics I've been using, but it's nice.
The T is made out of a nice dark brown remnant that I bought. It's really nice and soft and has a pretty weaving flower pattern on it. This was a little difficult to sew, but I think it was really worth it.

U has a turquoise and white polka dot background and a purple floral-ish print for the U. These pictures don't to justice to how vibrant the purple and turquoise are - I think they look gorgeous together.

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