Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Spirit!

My sewing has been slow because I'm trying to get a lot of 'Christmassing' in with my family while they're all home. I've also got a purse to make for an Etsy trade that I'm doing. A handmade purse for a really lovely ornament :) I'm excited about it. I hope everyone is having a good week and getting some holiday cheer of any denomination in! Here are some great moose pictures just for fun. I just want to point out that I am not as close to the moose as the pictures would imply - I have a really good zoom on my camera. I advise anyone who finds themselves so close to a moose to run in the opposite direction, they can and have seriously injured and killed people.

This moose was in the Arts building parking lot at UAA
This moose was right outside my bedroom window eating my tree!

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