Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Close!

I've finished all the way through Y! How exciting is that? My goal was to be done with the letters by the end of the week, I think I might be able to get done faster than that. I have the pictures for V-X here, I'll post Y pictures tomorrow.
V has a white and green vine print background that my mom made curtains out of for the first house we owned, we still have them somewhere. V is made out of velvet - V is for Vine and Velvet! I thought it would be a nice feeling for little hands :)

W has a nice light blue gingham background (have you noticed I like gingham?) and the W is a white and beige print that was a fat quarter I bought - it's actually very soft.

X has a very busy blue-gray background and a green light swirl pattern for the X - I wasn't sure they would look OK together, but I think it worked out rather nicely.

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