Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've finished all the letters :D now I take a day or two off and then start on the pictures for the letters. I've also taken my last final today! YAY!
Y has a great background fabric, it's Japanese and it has a nice 'natural' color with little blue and red rabbits on it. Y is a light blue fat quarter.

I love these rabbits :) they're so cute!

Z has a darkish red calico background and Z is a dark blue with a kind of 'sponged' pattern on it.
We also have a new foster family from Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue, A Mama and 7 little babies - about two weeks old. They just started figuring how to walk last night and are still wobbly but just about to start figuring out how to cause trouble :p I'll try to get some pictures later, we had to give them all some worm medication today so they're a little weary of me right now.


Jessicah said...

I think it's great you've adopted the dog and puppies, I would love to see some photos! Love the embroidery up there too, are you planning the whole alphabet?

Katie Driscoll said...

We're only fostering the pups, not adopting - but I'd love to keep Mama dog forever, she's a sweetie!

I am doing the whole alphabet :) there's a list in one of the previous posts of all the pictures I'm planning on doing.

Thanks for stopping by!